Use as inspiration for my artworks the natural beauty of the places I find near where I live or in my travels. It can be like the light lands on a street in a big city or a small town, the personality of an animal or the people. My models I get from long walks with the camera in hand, not knowing what to look for but recognizing it when I see it. Photographing those moments and places that convey something special to me.

Although I have worked with oil, the acrylic and watercolor is the technique with which I feel most comfortable and better allows me to express what I want to communicate. The design process begins with the selection of the photographs in which their composition offers me the emotion and feeling that I want to convey. Later I make a drawing with ink marker that gives strength to work. To move to watercolor painting, letting the ink be transparent. Which gives my works a very personal aspect.

My works have been exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, New York and Mexico.

Thanks for your interest in my work.

Carlos Segui
Madrid (Spain)